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Why should I plant perennials?

Perennial plants are wonderful additions to the landscape. While trees and shrubs may act as the bones of a garden, perennials provide muscle. Because they last for more than one season, they are perfect for designing a permanent garden display, unlike annuals that usually provide only a single season of color. Perennials can be less work because they do not require replanting every year. Perennial varieties are available to provide interest for any season of the year, including the winter. Most importantly, for many of us, there is something special about watching for the first spring shoots to peep through the soil, knowing the everchanging beauty that will follow through the coming seasons. Perennial plants provide pollen, nectar, seeds and nesting material for birds and butterflies. Perennial groundcovers can reduce soil erosion and create interest in pathways, on slopes, along roadsides and ditches.

  • Naturally, the greatest advantage that perennials have is that they come back year-after-year.
  • Perennials are typically much more hardy than annuals and require less care.
  • Most perennials have a deep root system and can tolerate dry spells.
  • The extensive root system on most perennials also make them effective at preventing erosion.