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Fun With Stepables®!

Look for the Foot!  You'll recognize these plants in your garden center by their cute purple pots and footprint information tags. Buy them by the handfull or get them by the flat, either way they are a great alternative to the larger, harder to handle gallon pots.

STEPABLES®, are a line of plants that have been chosen because they will withstand foot traffic.  This can vary from light or moderate to even heavy use.  They are perfect for filling in between stepping stones, for covering the soil between shrubs or other perennials, for tucking into crevices and gaps in stone walls, for lining a walkway edge, for covering the path to the spigot or the side yard, or even for use in containers. Some can be used as "groundcovers" in bonzai containers. Varieties are available for sun to shade and moist to dry conditions.

Their small size makes them fun and affordable to experiment with:  try making a checkerboard with the two colors of sagina, create braided borders of thymes for the herb garden, soften the stones along your pond or stream with mazus or lindernia, fill the cracks between steps with bright green grassy acorus or black ophiopogon.  Plant a green roof on the dog's house or fill in that hot spot by the mail box. Use your imagination to create your own living art!

For more information and a list of the varieties of STEPABLES® we carry, click here.

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Fun With Stepables®!
Fun With Stepables®!